Recreational activities are available while staying in NuwaraEliya.

Guests can enjoy boating, hiking or horseback riding. Car and bicycle rental services are available for those who wish to explore the area.

Indoor games are provided for guests’ entertainment."

Some of the nearby attractions are as follows


Nuwaraeliya - Overview

Nuwara Eliya (City of Lights), also known as 'Little' England', was the favourite hill station of the British who tried to create Nuwara Eliyainto a typical English Village. The old brick Post office, country house like hill club, with it's hunting pictures, mounted hunting trophies and fish, and it's strict formal dinner attire; the 18 hole golf course, race course etc., all remind you of 'England'.

The Nuwara Eliya town is situated at 6500 feet height from the sea level. It is a plateau which is surrounded by the two mountains Piduruthalagala situated at 8250 feet height and Kikiliyamana situated at 7342 feet height from the sea level. The extent of this area is 4.88 mile square. This is an environmentaly, divisionaly and nationaly valuable region. This region which is a plateau where water comes together from two high mountains gets richness through Kothmale Oya and Nanu Oya water flows. The main water spring named Uma Oya gives more value to this town.The Gregory lake and the Victoria Park with most beautiful and valuable plants provide environmental importance to the town. The Galways Proection Land  is the only one protection land situated at the center of the town all over the Island. 

     Lake Gregory

Lake Gregory is one of the significant tourist attractions in Nuwara Eliya. It was built by the Governor William Gregory during 1872 – 1877 periods by utilizing the water from the Nanuoya which runs across the town. It is about 91.2 hectares in extent. It was said to be used for water sports and for re-recreational activities during the British rule. 

A boat yard now allows visitors to go boating and rowing.Boat Tours is a are very popular activity on Gregory Lake . Both pedal boats and motor boats are offered for holiday makers.


     Ambewela & New Zealand Farm

Ambewela is one of beautiful places of Sri Lanka and it's situated at Nuwaraeliya district. Ambewela has highest and widest grass grounds of Sri Lanka. Milko and Highland full cream milk powder factory is situated at Ambewela. One and only Sri Lankan milk powder factory is it. New Zealand farm is also at Ambewela. New Zealand farm has Cows, Bulls, Rabbits, Pigs, Hens, Cocks and gouts and many more animals and lot of products are manufactured buy Ambewela farm. Cheese, Butter and many milk products are manufactured buy it. Widest grasses ground also at Ambewela farm. You can see lot of bulls and cows in there. And getting milk using machines at 12:30 noon in Ambewela farm.


     Nuwaraeliya Golf course

The course is one of the most naturally scenic in the world. It starts from one corner of the town and is nestled into the valley, between the town and the surrounding forested hills.When approaching via Kandy , it is one of the first views the visitor has of Nuwara Eliya. 


     The Victoria Park of Nuwara Eliya

The Victoria Park of Nuwara Eliya said to be named to comorate the 60th Jubilee Coronation of Queen Victoria in the year 1897. Originally the park was used as the research field of Haggala Botanical Garden which is located about 04 km away from the city centre. It is known that this park was established by planting an Oak tree by a German Princes who visited Nuwara Eliya at the latter part of the 19th Century.


     Galway’s Land Bird Sanctuary

A beautiful land area covering an extent of 57.6 hectares of land in Nuwara Eliya had been gazetted as a Bird sanctuary in the year 1938. This bird sanctuary attracts about 20 species of very rare foreign birds and about 30 species of Sri Lankan birds. Most of the endemic bird species as well as migrant bird species could be seen at this sanctuary. In addition to the birds this park has valuable tree species of both foreign and local.


     Mountain and forest reserve Piduruthalagala

Mountain - Piduruthalagala is the highest point in Sri Lanka, overlooking the town to the north. You cannot walk to the top anymore but there is a small path off Water field Drive that leads to a waterfall. From there, the hikers can follow the river up via seven more waterfalls - a neat hike for adventurous folk! This journey goes as far as the 7000 foot marker.

     Mountain and forest reserve Kikiliyamana
This mountain range is also an important place for hikers, trekkers and adventure lovers.


     Hakgalla Gardens

Hakgalla Garden is located along Nuwara Eliya ~ Badulla road (along Kandy~Ramboda) This place is 5581 feet high from the sea level. It is said that the King “Rawana” used this place as a herbal garden. This place was started as a Botanical garden by British botanist Dr. G.H.K. Thwaites who was the director of “Peradiniya Botanical Garden “ in the year of 1859. Initially they grew “ sinkona” which was used to produce “ quiveenen” for malaria. There are more than 60000 species of plants have planted here. During the summer season this one of the most scenic places of Nuwara Eliya. With the cool climate of Nuwra Eliya many differnt kinds of plants from differnt parts of the world can be seen. For example conifers and cedars from Australia, Bermuda cypresses from the Himalayas English oak are some of the highlights.

     Kande Ela reservoir and forest reserve

     Waterfalls near Nuwaraeliya
Lovers Leap
St Clares
Ramboda Falls